Mad Bird Design brings a rich visual style and technical skill to live-action and animated video projects.

Video Production

Mad Bird Design crafts professional live-action and animated video projects. Patrick Neary draws on over 20 years of experience as a cinematographer and filmmaker to bring a rich visual style and technical skill to video production, animation, visual effects and motion graphics projects. His award-winning animated short films have played film festivals worldwide and racked up tens of thousands of views online.

An established freelance filmmaker, Patrick’s Director of Photography experience includes a range of feature, television and commercial work. Feature and television credits include Twin Peaks (2018), Phoenix, Oregon, Black Road, Redwood Highway, Calvin Marshall, Food for Thought with Claire Thomas, Animal Exploration, and others. Commercial work includes projects for Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Providence, Kraft and other national clients.

Patrick is currently an editor on “Mission Unstoppable” series hosted by Miranda Cosgrove and produced by Geena Davis for CBS Dream Team, “Earth Odyssey” series hosted by Dylan Dreyer airing on NBC’s The More You Know, and other educational/informational (E/I) network programming airing on weekends nationwide.

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Many times, we’ve benefitted from the ridiculously awesome services of Mad Bird – most recently, the terrific motion design work of Patrick Neary. But Mad Bird’s ranginess extends to high end cinematography (Neary’s been known to shoot features with a SteadyCam while riding backwards on a Segway), award-winning still photography, and many different kinds of animation. When you’re talking to Mad Bird, you’re talking to complete filmmakers.
Scott Finley, Mighty Media Studios

“37 seconds of pure joy!”

Mary Drinkhouse, Owner/Coach, K Fit Studio
“Everything we hoped for … and so much better!”
Tammy Salvato, Owner/Coach, K Fit Studio