Angry Crow woodcut social media profile background

The new Facebook profile design for pages, coming at the end of March, inspired me to think about a representative graphic for Mad Bird Design’s Facebook page. What a great opportunity to use my favorite woodcut design by Patrick, Angry Crow. I love how it looks with an Illustrator trace (shown above).

Since we launched Mad Bird Design, many people have asked how we came up with the name and logo, especially because, as one client put it, “you are both such happy people!” When looking around for inspiration, I found myself gazing at one of the many angry-looking birds featured in woodcuts around our home.

I have adjusted the design of the logo over the last couple of years – it has become more graphic and streamlined. Looks great on a t-shirt, too! Shirts, mugs, bags and other goodies with these designs are available at our Cafe Press Store at