Joma Films has just launched a Kickstarter for their new film, BLACK ROAD. It’s a neo-noir thriller based on a smart original screenplay written by Gary Lundgren, and supported by the talented and creative team who made REDWOOD HIGHWAY and CALVIN MARSHALL. Check out the video at kickstarter.blackroadmovie.comEvery dollar helps the production get closer to their goal, so help out if you can and share the link to support this film. Cool rewards include pre-order of a DVD, invitation to pre-release screening party, and a Black Road woodcut by our very own Patrick Neary.We’d be grateful for any amount you can kick in, and doing so in the first few days helps the campaign gain a lot of momentum … and you also get your name listed near the beginning of the “road stripe scroll” on the awesome supporter website:!

Everyone on the BLACK ROAD team is excited about this project, and the chance to participate with friends of independent film in making it happen.

My design challenge for the week: fitting all the great Kickstarter rewards in to one infographic. If you want the megaphone, put in your pledge today … there is only one Associate Producer credit left!

Thank you!

BLACK ROAD is written and directed by Gary Lundgren and produced by Anne Lundgren of Joma Films, Ashland, Oregon. This will be their third feature film made in the Rogue Valley, following up CALVIN MARSHALL (2009) and REDWOOD HIGHWAY (2014).

Kickstarter rewards infographic