I’m sharing this musicOMH review of Richmond Fontaine’s THE HIGH COUNTRY to tell you a little more about how we spent summer vacation. One July weekend, Patrick and I got LOST IN THE TREES in Scappoose. Patrick was behind the camera (as director of photography) and I helped out with art direction on a music video for Richmond Fontaine. I quickly became a fan of both the music and the writing of founder-frontman-singer-songwriter Willy Vlautin. Willy is one of those amazingly talented people, a gifted musician and award-winning novelist. His latest novel LEAN ON PETE received the 2010 Ken Kesey Award for Fiction and Literary Arts/The Oregonian Peoples’ Choice Award. (Seriously, read it now.)

This review gives a shout-out to another amazingly talented person I know: music producer John Askew, who inspires the album with “a particular cinematic quality”. Askew is responsible for the wonderful soundtrack to Calvin Marshall (featuring CAPSIZED by Richmond Fontaine) and he is currently scoring Nightscape.

The music video for LOST IN THE TREES is coming soon. Directed by Gary Lundgren; cinematography and color correction by Patrick Neary. The video has a cinematic David Lynchian quality which will perfectly complement this literary and conceptual album.

Richmond Fontaine
Album release date: 5 September 2011
Music video for LOST IN THE TREES coming soon!
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