“Say hello to our shiny new website!👋 A massive thank-you to Michele at Mad Bird Design for taking this on and being the BEST ever to work with, to the City of Astoria for supporting it, and to the ADHDA Org Committee for helping with it. This is a big milestone for the organization and we hope you love it as much as we do!!!”

Jessamyn Grace West, Executive Director, Astoria Downtown Historic District Association

“My business has been using Mad Bird Design for over 4 years and we are continuously blown away by the AMAZING customer service and website design work and accessibility. Mad Bird has captured my business to every detail and shed a shimmering light on my construction company! 5 stars, would highly recommend.”
Maggie Biscay, 5 Yard Line

“Michele is the perfect partner for all website and graphic design needs. I”ve worked with her on multiple projects, and referred her to others. She has incredible design skills, and is always responsive, flexible and fast!”

Jillian Taylor, Project Manager, Envision Bend
Envision Bend Vision Action Plan

“Michele, you are awesome! Thank you for all your help!!!”

Matt Muchna, Executive Director, Envision Bend
“A big thanks to Mad Bird Design for your tremendous work! I love the new site. It has been a dream to rebuild our website since I joined the board in 2015, so this has been a dream come true, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.”
Andrew Kenneth Gay, Board President, Film Southern Oregon
“Another home run by Mad Bird Design!” “We are so pleased with the website.”
Janel Ruehl & Jennie Sharp, COIC / Camp Sherman Fiber
“The site has been working really well and most everyone agrees that it is a VAST improvement … it has been highly praised.”
Sam Rascoe, Director of Marketing, Clatsop County Historical Society

“I highly recommend Mad Bird Design for website development. They completed the build for our commercial real estate company, and the process went very smoothly. Michele worked with us to define content, form, and function of the website. Mad Bird developed unique features including a section for properties available for lease or sale. The site has an excellent layout and has amazing aesthetics. The website build exceeded our expectations.”

Matt Matayoshi, Director of Business Development, Capital Development Company

“I had the pleasure of working with Michele on the new website for our Chamber of Commerce / Economic Development Council. She was highly professional throughout, always stuck to deadlines, and is a pleasure to work with. Oh, and she’s a wonderfully talented designer! So happy with our decision to work with her, and I look forward to opportunities to work together again in the future!”

“Mad Bird Design helped Port Olympia Vision 2050 to successfully brand a high-profile community engagement effort. The website’s clean design reflected the Port beautifully and made it easy for people to engage in the project and helped us achieve participation levels that surpassed even the highest of our client’s expectations. It was no surprise for JRO – Mad Bird has been helping us do that for many years, always on-time and on-budget, even when we’re in a hurry. We never consider looking elsewhere.

Jason Robertson, J Robertson & Co.

“Many times, we’ve benefitted from the ridiculously awesome services of Mad Bird – most recently, the terrific motion design work of Patrick Neary. But Mad Bird’s ranginess extends to high end cinematography (Neary’s been known to shoot features with a SteadyCam while riding backwards on a Segway), award-winning still photography, and many different kinds of animation. When you’re talking to Mad Bird, you’re talking to complete filmmakers. Did I mention they’re very sweet people? Because that’s a thing.”

Scott Finley, Mighty Media Studios
“Michele and Patrick are the dynamic duo! We couldn’t be happier with the video and images they did for our website – it all looks amazing! Design work is also fabulous, and turnaround time is outstanding. They are just so easy and wonderful to work with – I would absolutely recommend Mad Bird Design!”
Tammy Salvato, K Fit Studio

“Working with Michele Neary and Mad Bird Design has been like a dream come true. Her communication is so clear, so precise and spot on and even more valuable – so is her follow through. Michele designed a series of print ads and a website for our project that are lovely to look at, fantastically functional, and best of all she delivered on time and within budget. Michele is a gem – I’d recommend her to everyone I know!”

Karen Carnival, The Hearth

“Lensbaby + stop motion + a beautifully haunting melody – this music video by Patrick Neary, music by Swansea has it all. Give it a watch for a dose of inspiration today.”

Keri Friedman, Lensbaby

“I greatly appreciate the work of Michele at Mad Bird Design. Her attentive responses and quality of work is exemplary. Michele was able to capture not just our basic needs in a website but go deeper and project our philosophy, company culture and brand commitments. She exceeded my expectations and has helped further my company’s ability to engage our guests in whatever platform they use.”

Christian Skillings, Owner, Cynara & Iron Rabbit Restaurants
“Mad Bird did an outstanding job on my new website. Michele understood exactly what I wanted – and delivered!”
Carl Wolfson, Author
“I can’t overstate what great work you’ve done and how it has helped us immensely! The new plan looks beautiful, we’ve gotten a number of compliments so far, and I’m sure we’ll get many more.”
“I strongly recommend Mad Bird Design for any creative design work, and can guarantee that in a very short time you will look at their work products and say ‘It’s a Neary!'”
“We are so impressed and deeply flattered with the work that you have created to our music. We asked for a music video and got fine art.”
Rebecca Sanborn, Swansea
“On multiple occasions, we have received unsolicited comments (from our peer districts) about how they liked our website!”
Shawn Moore, PE, Assistant Manager, Clark Regional Wastewater District

“Michele is an artist with a keen eye for graphic design and an absolute joy to work with. We get compliments on her work everyday. She is a professional and will not disappoint.”

“Michele Neary of Mad Bird did stellar work for the Sisters Country visioning project. The brand is fresh and clean, and captures the New West feel we were looking for. The website echoes that feel but also conveys the sense of place and community that is so vital to this small mountain town. It’s proven to be a great platform. Kudos Mad Bird!”

“A huge THANK YOU to the publications team for the Best Visioning Booklet Ever! I love the clean presentation of information … so easy to consume the information and, so importantly, just the right amount/level of information presented to get people excited about the future and possibilities.”

Amy Burgstahler, Citizens4Community

CHECK IT OUT! We had the amazing Mad Bird Design update our website for us! We are now mobile friendly! We all love it so much!!!  Thank you!”

Amy Baker-Schultz, FurEver Family Pet Services

“We are so excited about our new website! It is beautiful! I have been looking at pet sitting websites for a while now and it is by far my favorite.”

“I’ve known Michele for some time now … it all started with the website for my film, Earth Seasoned, then we had her redesign top to bottom the website for our wilderness camp Coyote Trails School of Nature. Later I recommended her for a redesign of Film Southern Oregon’s website and most recently for the The Hearth’s Finding Our Way Conference. Every time, I felt both confident and excited to share her and her work with the world! I look forward to seeing what she’ll do next and know that whoever is on the receiving end of her skills and services will be absolutely delighted!”

Molly Kreuzman, Filmmaker