Digital Flipbook Design

Mad Bird Design branded and produced a flipbook for the New Hampshire Learning Initiative’s Performance Learning & Assessment Consortium for Educators (PLACE) – a teaching and learning framework for supporting teacher development and expertise within a performance learning and assessment project. Available both in print and online, the digital flipbook enhances user engagement and interactivity by embedding a short NHLI video inside the front cover.

Other work for NHLI includes a Portrait of a Learner infographic, website design, and branding for NHLI Career Pathways project.

“My goodness what a beautiful flip book! Gorgeous design, engaging concept. Well done, Michele!”

Logo Design for NHLI Projects

New Hampshire Learning Initiative: Performance Learning and Assessment Consortium for Educators (PLACE)
New Hampshire Learning Initiative (NHLI) Career Pathways Program
New Hampshire Learning Initiative (NHLI) Out of School Time Career Pathways Program
New Hampshire Learning Initiative (NHLI) Future Learning Pathways Network
New Hampshire Learning Initiative (NHLI) Statewide Pathway Coalition