Otis v Monster laurels

About the Film: Otis v Monster

Otis, a hard-luck logger, plans to capture bigfoot for modest financial gain. Patrick Neary’s first stop motion animated short film, Otis v Monster premiered at Seattle’s Bumbershoot/1 Reel Film Festival, has been selected by a dozen film festivals, was a finalist in Nickelodeon’s International Animation Festival competition, and won the Best Regional Film award from Tacoma Film Festival.

To create the 3-minute clay animation film, Patrick Neary painted backgrounds, created miniature woodland scenes, and sculpted each clay character – a process taking several months. Contributors to the production included Susan Elhardt (set material) and Kevin MacLeod (composer). Everything else was crafted by Patrick: script, characters, props, lighting, cinematography, picture and sound mix. The film was shot frame-by-frame on an old 35mm Mitchell camera – with a history of being used for Korean war-era missile testing – on Fuji Eterna 35mm film.

Critical Acclaim

“There are films that are technical achievements, beautiful and insightful. Then there are the funny.”
Marc Spess, Animate Clay
“Pure Awesome”
“Superb and refreshing! A tasty laugh soufflé.”
“This is the best claymation movie ever made. And I’m not saying that just because Eion and I are in it.”
Craig Sailor
“Otis is my hero. that is all.”
“If you were charging for each viewing, you would have made a killing from us tonight.”
Parent of two young viewers
“Loved it! Five out of four stars!”
“I think it’s kind of scary!”
Viewer (age 5)
“That’s supposed to be Bigfoot? Funny, I always thought Bigfoot would be different. This guy must really like Bigfoot!!!!”
Viewer (age 7)


Film Festivals & Distribution

  • Best Regional Film, Tacoma Film Festival
  • Nickelodeon Animation Festival – Official Finalist
  • 1 Reel Film Festival at Bumbershoot – Official Selection
  • Couch Fest Films – Official Selection
  • Anchorage Film Festival – Official Selection
  • California International Animated Festival – Official Selection
  • DC Shorts Film Festival and DC Shorts REWIND – Official Selection
  • Ashland independent film festival – Official Selection
  • Sarasota Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Prescott Film Festival – Official Selection
  • Tacoma Film Festival Sneak Peak Event – Official Selection
  • Coyote Film Festival – Official Selection
  • batteryPOP – featured video
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