About the Film: Just Like It Used To Be

Swansea “Just Like It Used To Be” official music video
Directed and animated by Patrick Neary

“Just Like it Used to Be” is a stop motion music video inspired by a song from Swansea’s new album FLAWS. The film is a rhythmic allegory of a diseased relationship, alluding to a lover lost to addiction and the struggle to pull them back.

In a departure from Patrick Neary’s earlier short films, “Just Like It Used to Be” uses compelling, shadowy imagery to touch on themes of loneliness, separation and loss. The film incorporates a dark, decayed aesthetic in set and character design, and a muted, nearly black and white color palette. The stop motion sets and characters were hand-made and incorporated found objects, and shot in our studio over a period of several months.

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Still Frames
“We are so impressed and deeply flattered with the work that you have created to our music. We asked for a music video and got fine art.”
Rebecca Sanborn, Swansea

“Lensbaby + stop motion + a beautifully haunting melody – this music video by Patrick Neary, music by Swansea has it all. Give it a watch for a dose of inspiration today.”

Keri Friedman, Lensbaby

Wow. Beautiful Brother’s Quay-esque video, killer song from Portland’s Swansea.”

Robin Washburn, Music Millennium