Branding, Logo & Book Design

Mad Bird Design worked with the City of Hillsboro to create and update the signature resource guides for their community visioning program – the Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan. I especially like how the creative “Kids Share Ideas for Hillsboro’s Future” spread turned out in the latest edition!

Book design was part of an overall rebranding and logo design effort, building on the successful legacy of the Hillsboro 2020 Vision. The plans are produced in English and Spanish, and have earned national recognition and compliments for the city, including the International Association for Public Participation’s (IAP2) Organization of the Year award for exemplary public process. Hillsboro’s long-standing visioning program serves as a model of public participation throughout the United States and abroad.

Mad Bird Design has produced an array of materials to support the Hillsboro 2020/2035 Vision, including branding the Imagine Hillsboro 2035 public outreach initiative, graphic design and layout of the Hillsboro Community Profile, video production, community event displays and materials.

In the News: Hillsboro city officials, volunteers get national recognition for vision, Hillsboro Tribune

“I can’t overstate what great work you’ve done and how it has helped us immensely! The new plan looks beautiful, we’ve gotten a number of compliments so far, and I’m sure we’ll get many more.”
Chris Hartye, Hillsboro Senior Project Manager