Green Design Display

Created over a dozen projects for the Hillsboro 2020 Town Hall. From the event program to tent banners for six focus table stations to crayons and bookmark prizes, it was a pleasure to see so many designs represented in the heart of downtown at the Civic Center Plaza.

The Preserving the Environment booth featured:

  • Green Design display boards featuring Hillsboro’s sustainable buildings and printed on renewable Falconboard by Boothster
  • Sustainability table runner printed on bamboo
  • Plantable seed bookmark prizes
  • Boxes of custom crayons and coloring activity pages for kids
  • Green Design brochure featuring one of Hillsboro’s latest sustainable building designs, the Intermodal Transit Facility (ITF) and Bikestation
  • Cherry Lane Fire Station brochure

Green Design Brochure

Brochures highlighting Hillsboro’s success in leading green design in the region, featuring the award-winning Intermodal Transit Facility and Cherry Lane Fire Station. These brochures are part of a package of printed materials created to brand the city’s sustainability program, used for community outreach at numerous events.