Mad Bird Design worked with a consultant team to rebrand Bend 2030 to Envision Bend — Shaping Our Future, setting the stage for the nonprofit organization’s future. The website provides a flexible platform for both the organization and proposed visioning process.

The website ( was redesigned to focus on local involvement, encouraging the community to join the Envision Bend team in a dialogue to envision a more vibrant, inclusive, and resilient Bend. Featuring vibrant community photos to reflect the natural beauty and community spirit of Bend, the design is streamlined and visually appealing on all modern browsers and devices. See it in action at

The Envision Bend branding was expanded to create a logo, webpage, and outreach materials for the Bend Vision Project – the community’s first large-scale visioning project since 2005-06. The web page highlights the project investors and partners, news coverage, key reports and findings. Michele designed a Project Snapshot document, street banners displayed in the Old Mill District, and a range of materials from coasters to posters.

In the news

From the client news file, check out this guest column published in The Bend Bulletin about a project our team is working on: Let’s come together to Envision Bend (The Bulletin, Jun 11, 2021).

Pilot Butte’s unmistakable profile can be seen from great distances in our region. It is viewed as a kind of symbol of our community: sitting close to the center of town, straddling east and west, north and south and offering vistas as far as the eye can see. It reflects our history, our connection to place and our views to the horizon.

No surprise then that the Bend 2030 board of directors has chosen Pilot Butte as the visual symbol of our nonprofit organization’s new name and brand identity: Envision Bend — Shaping Our Future. It captures what we aspire to for our community: a clear sense of direction and better lives for all our residents.

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