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New in the Studio – Winter 2023/24

03/01/2024|Categories: Website Design|Tags: , |

Doing good work for good people! Wrapped up 2023 on a high note by launching a long-awaited refresh of the website for Central Oregon’s Homeless Leadership Coalition ( This site boasts new and updated features like revised organization, data tools, a page dedicated to myths and facts about homelessness, interfaces to get involved or complete a membership application and [...]

New In the Studio – Spring 2023

04/21/2023|Categories: News, Notes, Print Design, Video Editing, Website Design|

What we've been working on at Mad Bird Design: Just in time for Earth Day! Michele designed the 2022 Impact Report for Central Oregon LandWatch, a nonprofit organization dedicated to defending and planning for the region’s livable future. Launched a brand-new website for CORE3 Central Oregon Ready Responsive Resilient regional emergency training and response center. This is [...]

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