Mad Bird Design recently reclaimed some floor space in our animation studio with the donation of our vintage Moviola 35mm film editing machine to Portland’s Hollywood Theatre.

A piece of Portland film history, the big green machine was once owned and used by Vinton Studios in NW Portland, producers of the famous animated “California Raisins” commercials, Eddie Murphy’s “The PJs” TV series and other classic animated commercials, shorts and features.

Originally the idea was to put the beast on display in the Hollywood’s lobby, but because it is still functional, and in pretty good shape, the Hollywood will press the Moviola into service for use in their film archive.

This classic machine, once a fixture of the film industry, will toss aside retirement and clatter to life again!

Moviola 35mm film editing machine

Patrick moving the vintage Moviola its new home at Portland’s historic Hollywood Theatre