LANDSCAPE WITH DUCK, a hand-drawn animated short by Patrick Neary, wrapped up its festival circuit February 23 at Portland International Film Festival. We were treated to a full house at Portland Art Museum’s Whitsell Auditorium, beautiful projection, and some good laughs throughout the film.

This week, the film was posted on Vimeo and has reached over 12,000 views!!  It was posted on a few blogs like Kuriositas, Neatorama, and The Presurfer — which helped it reach a wider online audience. What a trip to see the title in so many posts on Twitter today.  Thanks for all the positive feedback out there!

We’ll be posting the film and more updates online soon, as well as news about our new stop-motion animated film A MARTIAN PICNIC.

Meanwhile, get your ducky gear at our Mad Bird Design Store! New designs for A MARTIAN PICNIC are in the works.

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