Super Designer

While most of my work is building new designs from the ground up, clients sometimes call me to fix a tricky design problem.

Designer to the rescue!

The Problem

  • [BEFORE] Dragonfly Wellness
  • [BEFORE] Dragonfly Wellness

Dragonfly Wellness Center had a website built several years ago with Joomla, but no one had managed updates for years. As technology standards changed, the website hosting company’s technology didn’t want to play with this website’s outdated version of Joomla anymore … errors ensued. In addition, the Wellness Center had moved across town, and her website designers had moved on.

Key problems:

  • WARNING! messages at the top of every page
  • Address needed to be updated ASAP
  • No way to login to make changes
  • Website difficult to read on a mobile device
  • SEO and security issues

The Fix

After looking under the hood, I decided to scrap Joomla and start fresh with a WordPress installation. I migrated the website content and made a few design improvements:

  • User-friendly: Reworked the website content for maximum readability and easy navigation.
  • Contact Us: Updated Wellness Center address and added a Google map, social sharing icons, and a modern contact form.
  • Mobile-friendly: Optimized the website for mobile devices.
  • SEO: Added page titles, headings, and meta descriptions.
  • Security: Added an SSL certificate to protect website from attacks and give visitors confidence.


Design Fix: Dragonfly Wellness Center Website

A working website and happy client! I’m not a Licensed Acupuncturist, but I was pleased to use my skills for a little technical pain management.

Now Karin can focus on her healthcare business instead of worrying about her website. Check it out at

“Michele was very responsive and helpful in getting my website back up and running! She is awesome!”