A new “cow-toon” by Patrick Neary is coming together. Now for the fun part: designing t-shirts! Do you have a favorite design? Feel free to come up with more fun caption ideas for the cow.

A) Hank Hank’s Flying Circus
This design would look great on a sporty grey t-shirt.
So far, this is the favorite on Facebook!
B) You are the wind beneath my udder
C) Soar Like Cow  – or –  Soar Like Cowburd
T-Shirt Mockups

Update: We Have A Winner!

Design A featuring Hank-Hank the Flying Gorilla was the clear winner! The t-shirt is available now for the awesome price of $15 for a limited time from www.tfund.com/cowburd. Also, you can see a short teaser for the film at CowBurd. Thanks for voting, everybody!
New Hank-Hank t-shirt is available now
at www.tfund.com/cowburd